Iron Mountain protects, unlocks, and extends the value of your information and assets throughout their lifecycle—whatever they are, wherever they are, and however they’re stored. But we see this as so much more… it’s your work.

And in that work lies the insight and power to accelerate your business and drive your organization forward.

Together, we make your work mean more.

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Global data center portfolio. $2B+ investment since 2017


From single cabinets to hyperscale data centers

Data Center Locations

20 locations. 3 continents. 3.5M+ gross sf.

Network Connectivity

Cross connects, internet exchange points, peering and more.

Security and Compliance

The industry’s most comprehensive security and compliance program


Powered by 100% renewable energy, with carbon credits and low PUE

Information Management and Content Services Solution

SaaS solutions to unlock the value of your data

Scanning and Digital Storage

Moving business forward with digitization and automation

Image on Demand

We scan what you need when you need it

Workflow Automation

Make your workflows more effective and efficient

Digital Mailroom

Digitize and automate mailroom workflows

Policy Center

Record retention and privacy policy management platform

Retention and Privacy Policy Management

A pathway to efficient, cost effective and compliant information governance

Data Restoration and Migration

Restore and migrate data in and out of the cloud

Cloud Data Protection

Protect critical data on any system

Cloud Object Storage

Active cloud data archive services

Secure Offline Storage

Inactive cloud data archive services

IM Mobile

Save time by tracking record orders with your mobile device

IM Connect

Secure 24/7 online access to your information anytime, anywhere

Entertainment Services

Protect and activate your media archives


Destroy your paper-based records, at your commercial location in a safe and compliant way

Offsite Shredding

Shredding on your terms

Onsite Shredding

Immediate or witnessed destruction of confidential, copyrighted or royalty-based materials directly on-premises

One-Time Bulk Shredding

Purge a large amount of sensitive documents, either onsite while you watch, or picked up and shredded at one of our secure facilities

Recurring Paper Shredding

Get your sensitive documents picked up and shredded at a schedule that works for your business

Residential Shredding

Drop-off and pickup services via our network of trusted retail partners


Protect your data and the environment with IT asset lifecycle management

IT Asset Disposition

Recycle, remarket or securely destroy your retired IT assets, backed by certified data sanitization

Secure Data Center Decommissioning

Retire data-bearing assets from your data center with secure and sustainable decommissioning

Clean Start

Reduce real estate cost and optimize your workspace

Smart Reveal

Legacy Records Cleanup Solution

Smart Sort Records Management

Sort, organize, and manage physical files at scale

Warehousing & Logistics

Agile warehousing, fulfillment, and transportation services for a dynamic supply chain environment

Project Services

Solutions to your records management challenges

Records & Document Storage

Store your documents in secure and compliant facilities

225,000+ Customers.
Trusted by More Than 95% of Fortune 1,000 Companies.

"Iron Mountain came with their experts to simply ask questions about what we do in AP. Based on our volume and what we wanted to achieve, they were able to map out a solution that met our specific requirements, which made the decision a lot easier." 


Assistant Controller at SunGard Availability Services

"It's nice to see that an industry leader like Iron Mountain truly embodies every sense of that and that’s why I really enjoy our partnership. I’ve found people at Iron Mountain are passionate and partner with us in every sense of the word. They helped us achieve our three core goals."


Director of Consumer Support
Encore Capital Group

"As a customer of Iron Mountain’s tape vaulting services, the decision to use their Cloud Storage was easy. Now we can be sure our data is stored securely — and available when needed — giving us peace of mind that we’ll be able to recover if disaster strikes."


Director of Management Information Systems
Watson Clinic

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70 Years Proven Expertise

In Information Management and Governance

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60+ Countries

Iron Mountain is Worldwide

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24,000 Professionals

Protecting your information



350MW+ Sustainable Data Center Capacity



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